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Providing premium finance director services at a practical price

Although entrepreneurs rarely get into business solely to build a good finance team, a growing, successful business literally can’t manage without one.

So what can business owners do to ensure they have the right finance people, policies and systems in place to drive, support and handle growth? Find a financial director that takes into account all the business factors, besides just the obvious. While money and personal expertise are critical factors, they’re not the only ones.

Did you know that 79 % of businesses worked with financial directors who were ineffective? This simply illustrates the importance of choosing the right Finance Director. However, for many SMEs, having a full-time Finance Director can be prohibitively costly.

Expert Virtual FD emphasizes vision and sound business planning. Building on this multi-pronged understanding of finances and robust research, we can help your business go from financial shoebox to thriving suite; with an emphasis on practical tips for business owners and their advisors. And we can provide optimal finance director services without optimal cost.

Expert Virtual FD can not only answer the following questions, we can answer them thoroughly and apply the right answers specific to your business needs:

  • How can I ensure my in-house financial capabilities grow with my business?
  • How can my finance team help me assess the case for new products and services?
  • How should I find new customers?
  • How can I use financial information to decide how much credit I should be offering my customers?
  • Everyone I approach for advice keeps saying “Stay on top of cash flow,” but I can’t control who pays late, and the state of the economy isn’t helping. What can I do?
  • What key performance indicators should I adopt?
  • Can a few numbers really provide a good indication of the health of a business?
  • The answer to all of these questions is Expert Virtual FD. We can assist you from top to bottom, whether your business is just starting or existing for many years.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    A part-time finance director will assist you with planning all aspects of your business and helping you achieve your business objectives at a fraction of the cost of employing someone on a full-time basis.

    For starters, a part-time finance director offers total flexibility. You can engage the services offered on a consultancy basis, thus avoiding the high cost of employment. Most SMEs will not have the luxury of employing someone with a six-figure salary. However, companies of this size do need expert assistance in steering their finances and keeping business objectives in focus. A part-time FD offers the ideal solution.

    An experienced and capable finance director will introduce a forward-moving plan to ensure that your business is on course to achieve pre-defined objectives. Growth plans are carefully controlled. The role of a part-time finance director can be specific in realizing certain objectives.

    Depending on the needs of your business, a part-time finance director can focus on specific aspects of the business that need strengthening, such as raising finances, improving the financial reporting system, analytical decision making on specific projects, tendering for contracts, enhancing management information systems, and cost saving initiatives while keeping in line with technological advancement and any other aspects of your business.

    When considering a finance director, the individual should be someone with a high commercial flair and a track record of relevant experience. They should also be able to borrow and learn from other business environments. Ideally, your FD will have a strong external perspective, an ability to tap into their own network, and a strong sense of the current business environment.
    A finance director should not be hired to provide accounting services. A finance director is set up to provide value-added services which augment your business -- without the six-figure salary investment and employment costs that a full time FD would most likely cost.
    In today’s highly technological advancement finance directors fully understand the power of internet and the impact of not having a web presence or having one that is not producing any response. In 2012 online shopping in the UK rose nearly 18%. Despite this many businesses have taken a back seat on the impact of online presence perhaps due to lack of expertise to guide them through the maze of complexities that surround the structure and content of a website. Over the years we have forged a formidable partnership with experts in the field of online presence that enables us to provide a comprehensive review service on eCommerce websites and websites for informational purposes.
    As a member of the professional community, Expert Virtual FD delivers the highest standard of professional ethics. You have the added assurance of full compliance in matters of confidentiality. Before we take on an assignment, we will enter into a non-disclosure agreement that protects your confidential and proprietary information.
    We encourage long-term working relationships, without burdening your business with any contractual obligations. We will work with you as long as we are required to deliver the objectives YOU have set.


    Let us put our expertise and multiple-array services to work to grow and manage your business.

    Reasons to choose us

    Reduce onerous burden of employment costs

    Expert Virtual FD provides part-time finance director services across the UK to SMEs. Clients receive top-notch finance director services at a fraction of the cost it would take to employ a full-time finance director, but without having the onerous burden of employment costs. Clients get services from a business that employs the same type of personal interest and perspective you’d expect from a full-time finance director.

    Company CEO Vinod Sejpal employs a personal philosophy, both literally and figuratively. His Expert Virtual FD service takes a personal interest in clients’ business and works with them on a fixed fee basis until the desired results and pre-defined objectives are met and completely delivered to the client's satisfaction.

    Engaging the services of Expert Virtual FD will provide you access to a highly experienced finance director at a significantly reduced cost. Our service will work closely with clients to achieve a successful outcome to improving profitability, liquidity, and wealth creation.

    Expert Virtual FD is dedicated to providing highly experienced finance director services on a part-time basis to SMEs. We are committed to the on-going development of our own team, both commercially and culturally; and we believe in the long-term, sustainable growth of our client's businesses.

    For over 20 years, Vinod Sejpal has been pro-actively consulting with ambitious growth companies across various sectors to enhance their financial reporting system while also exploring new opportunities and providing a clear road map to help them grow. Vinod Sejpal does this by exclusively working alongside CEOs and MDs, understanding their business models and implementing effective solutions that significantly improve the overall operations of their businesses.

    A Wide Array of Services

    Our key finance director services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Business and financial management planning
  • Maintaining relationships with external stakeholders
  • Assessing risk management strategies
  • Improving profitability and liquidity
  • Providing robust financial reporting systems
  • Assessing and improving work flow procedures
  • Reviewing pricing models
  • Controlling business expenditures and reducing costs
  • Benchmarking
  • Implementing ERP and accounting applications
  • Website review and functionality
  • How we work

    Browse our website or simply call to find out what we can do to make your business more profitable and efficient.

    Forging Strong Partnerships to Bring Greater Value

    Review, Revamp, Revive

    If you are seeking the services of a highly experienced finance director you have landed appropriately on our website. Our philosophy of providing part-time finance director services is not a novel idea but it has been well thought out to provide you with a highly experienced finance director at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time finance director.

    At Expert Virtual FD we will work with you based on your requirements. Whether you need us one day a week, one day a month or for a specific one-off assignment we will deliver what it takes to achieve your business objective.

    We take a personal interest in our clients and their business practices, and work with them on a fixed fee basis until their desired results and pre-identified objectives are met to their complete satisfaction. We also offer a thorough and cost-effective review of clients’ websites and their functionality.

    Main services

    Address, Adapt, and Accomplish More

    Businesses of all sizes face steadily rising pressure to quickly identify and address any developments and changes in an ever-changing economic climate. Yet, many still rely on a fairly rigid system utilizing annual forecasts, budgets, and long-range plans on an annual basis. The biggest limiting factor in this approach is timing: Plans and budgets can be outdated even before they go into effect and before more data can be gathered. What was workable yesterday can be obsolete or unworkable tomorrow, or even today.

    What is the best solution? Expert Virtual FD offers a full range of services for all small to medium-sized businesses, so that business owners can choose services that are customized specifically for their needs. Our services are scalable and robust to fit the goals and needs of your company’s organizational model.

    The development of rolling forecasts is one of the most effective ways to amplify operations performance and achieve maximum profitability.

    Business Services

    Browse our website or simply call to find out what we can do to make your business more profitable and efficient.



    Providing Expert Guidance and Smart Strategies

    Our talented team offers years of experience and familiarity with the business sector, as well as a personal approach designed to maximize our efforts to enhance and further grown your business and profit margin.

    We can help you attain your business goal
    Expert Virtual FD offers seasoned, strategic level advice and assistance with a variety of key services and factors such as finance raising, business planning/forecasts, banking relationships, cost control, review and identify profit and cost drivers, change implementation, commercial decision-making, risk management, investor dealings, back office departmental management, management accounts, pricing and margins, budgeting, key performance indicators, controlling overheads, margins and pricing, systems and controls implementation, monthly account reviews, cash flow forecasts, and implementing accounting packages.
    Seasoned Finance Director on Your Speed Dial
    Our portfolio finance directors have significant experience along with strong commercial and strategic backgrounds. They have a proven track record of excellence, achievement and entrepreneurial drive, and they‘re encouraged to bring a creative, outside-the-box mode of thinking to the table. They all have a desire to work directly with business owners and make a difference.
    Providing small-to-medium sized companies top level financial growth
    From start-up companies or individual entrepreneurs who are launching a business – to already existing established enterprises, Expert Virtual FD caters to SME’s with sound business advice and strategies. So whether your business needs minor tweaking, some fine-tuning, or a radical makeover, we have the people, professionalism, and power to promote profit and sustain business growth.
    Business advice tailored to your industry
    Our talented team offers years of experience and familiarity with the business sector, as well as a personal approach designed to maximize our efforts to enhance and further grown your business and profit margin. Whether you operate on a service-based level or sell / manufacture / distribute products, having a customized experience is the only way that business advice services can be useful to your organization.



    Helping Your Business Succeed Through Better Planning

    Having a business and marketing plan in place for your business is not just the smart thing to do, it provides you with a valuable way to reach goals. We can help you create, analyse or add to your business and marketing plan.

    Customized Business and Marketing Plan Assistance
    We can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, project financial data, analyse competition and give you the best advice on strategic moves that will put your company ahead of the game. Our business planning and developing phases are done professionally, efficiently and will serve as a map to point you on the right road for success.

    Whether you are a start-up business, entrepreneur, small to mid-sized company or online business, let us help you plan your business endeavour today!
    Launch Your Business with the End in Mind
    What do we mean by the “end” of your business? By planning for your imminent success, we can collaborate on the fastest way for you to get to the next stages. Taking each step one-by-one, together we can project through to the end as you wish to see your company in its most successful stages. Of course, no one can predict the future, but with proper business planning we can launch your business start-up the smart way, rather than flying blind.
    Take Your Business to the Next Level of Achievement
    Perhaps your business has reached a stagnant stage of growth? Maybe it is time to re-evaluate your business and marketing plan. Expert Virtual FD can help. We help existing businesses to determine the next move, whether it means expansion, merging, acquisition or even downsizing. It is not uncommon for existing businesses to need reorganization to prepare for the next stages in the corporate life cycle. Maybe you need more web presence, more employees or bigger room for operations? Let us assess your current status quo to help you plan for the next level of growth.
    From Marketing to Cost Evaluation
    Give your company the leading edge with a new marketing focus, dedicated funds set aside to launch an effective campaign, and a realistic budget that can help your business stop wasting money and start making more of them instead. We’ll take a look at what is working and what is not for your business, so that you can then leverage the most contemporary ways of putting the face of your business in the marketplace. Our knowledge of new programs, loans or grants that might be available to you can also help your business focus instead of floating along without a strategy.



    Stimulate growth while increasing efficiency

    We take a look at your company’s present financial status, whether good or bad, as well as reviewing past successes and failures. By doing so, we are able to improve, enhance and restructure accordingly to make significant profit improvement.

    Working on behalf of your business
    When it comes to the methods and strategies to make businesses more profitable, what works for one may not work for another.

    Expert Virtual FD professionals use everything from strategic planning, setting realistic goals while also providing a clear financial plan definition, improving the overall business process, providing benchmarks for employees and their productivity, employing profit/loss and overall cost studies, optimizing the service process, and employing risk management programs.
    Maximizing profits to increase your bottom line
    Expert Virtual FD professionals have many adaptive and creative ways to cut costs, encourage efficiency and -- above all -- enhance profit. Our CEO has over 20+ years in helping individuals, organizations and corporations of all sizes to gain a greater return on their investments, and to scout out ways to increase profits. From assessing energy deficiencies to staffing and use of resources, we find every way we can to ensure growth among the departments of your company.

    Find out how we can help your business switch gears on the road to profitability and long-term success.
    Leveraging profitability for small-to-medium sized companies
    Most of the profit improvement services we offer cater to pre-established enterprises who want to reassess and address ways to improve or maximize existing resources. We have helped SME’s to turn around even in a declining marketplace, simply by evaluating and applying strategies that may be more modern than what is currently in place.

    You have a full understanding of your business; however by applying the expertise of an outsider who is intimate with the current market, you can then see things from a different perspective. Give your business a fresh outlook today with Expert Virtual FD.
    Revenue Up. Expenses Down.
    Simply stated, the broad methods of profit improvement include growing revenue by reducing expenses. The trick is in knowing how to best do these things most effectively and quickly.

    Expert Virtual FD has a wide array of services, plans, options, and strategies that can be customized for and incorporated into any business model.



    Holding your business accountable

    With its attention to accounting detail alone, Expert Virtual FD can help your business better assess your financial needs, find more financing sources, and advise you on the best way to organize financial reporting.

    Preserving your accounting integrity
    Managerial/management information is vital when it comes to running a successful business. A good accountant does more than just add up the numbers and check balance and spreadsheets. A great accountant advisor will also help in terms of providing insight into your company’s strategic analysis.

    Furthermore, having an outsider’s perspective on accountancy advice further maintains the integrity of your accounting department, as well as providing them with critical advice that can determine the failure or success of your organization. This brings trust on many levels, in your ability as a business owner to make sure your accounting department or individual is operating with your best interests at heart, as well as promoting a level of outstanding financial reporting. You will also have your monthly, quarterly or fiscal accounting paperwork prepared on time.
    An expert in numbers enhancing your financial status
    When it comes to accounting advice, Expert Virtual FD professionals are experienced accountants within their industry. They will apply their expertise of accounting background to oversee the strategic advantage of your accounting department. Checking and double checking the many details, as well as finding new ways to apply current accounting practices to your organization, we will start from where you are now to achieve accounting success.

    Some of these up-to-date accounting resources include software, current accounting principles, recent breakthroughs in accounting methods, and tricks of your particular industry that can put your business on top.

    Discover how our breadth of accounting advice can better enhance your business endeavours today.
    Applying authentic accountancy advice to strengthen your business
    Accountancy advice can come in many forms, from economic forecast preparation and cash-flow planning to market strategy reviews, analysing and identifying key performance indicators and coming up with ideal systems to most effectively monitor them.
    Helping See the Long Range View
    While maybe not underrated, budgeting can be underutilized. It’s not just a way to craft a plan for managing your expenses, serve as a means of comparison, and plan future economic activity. Done effectively, it can also greatly aid forecasting, and expecting the unexpected. Expert Virtual FD can assist you in crafting the scope and format of your budgeting/forecasting approach to be sure that all future aspects of your business, or at least all of the most critical aspects are taken under consideration.



    Putting the “E” in Economic E-Commerce Solutions

    An often overlooked aspect of business today is e-commerce, especially by “brick-and-mortar” business owners. To be most effective, e-commerce sites should be optimized in order to grab and hold the interest of consumers with short attention spans; who can be easily distracted while clicking around on and between websites.

    Contact us to assess and magnify your E-commerce website for a boost in sales and profits. You will discover why more clients trust Expert Virtual FD for E-Commerce Solutions.

    E-commerce site optimization improves total sales, investment returns, conversion rates and profit margins.
    The better, more attractive, and easier to navigate your website is, the more you will attract consumers and customers from both regional and national markets. We will take a look at your ecommerce website performance to see if you can expand into worldwide or international markets, as well.

    How do we optimize your e-commerce services? Through site redesign alone, we can:
  • Raise your website to the top of search engine index lists.
  • Give your site a more simplified, user-friendly design.
  • Removing any residual stigmas associated with online shopping.
  • Identify and utilize marketing techniques which suit your needs best.
  • Use social media to better promote and expose your products to potential customers.
  • Utilize smart analytic software to not only track your business progress, but also discover which marketing tools work best and worst.
  • Come up with ways to keep your customers better informed about your business and aware of its safety and security to more easily earn repeat business.
  • Management Services

    Browse our website or simply call to find out what we can do to make your business more profitable and efficient.



    Keep up-to-date with your financial reporting

    With its attention to detail, Expert Virtual FD can help your business better assess your management information system.

    Don’t fly without monthly management accounts. Contact us for help today and get a handle on it.

    Optimize forecasting with monthly strategic plans
    Monthly management accounts are a way to ensure that your business is running as planned. Expert Virtual FD offers a review of your monthly management accounts and financial statements, reconciliations and schedules enabling you to base insightful operational decisions and enabling you to take corrective action.

    Being “in the black” doesn’t inherently guarantee that your business is running optimally or at least as well as you’d prefer. Expert Virtual FD can help you identify revenue increasing opportunities as well as possible cost reduction strategies. We do this efficiently to ensure preparation from taxes to seasonal changes, economic predictors and other factors.
    Keeping current helps keep you in check
    With Expert Virtual Finance Director working for you, you can keep current on both of these ever-changing factors and thereby make much better decisions for your business’ continued success and growth.

    Using both well-known strategies, as well as real world knowledge of the accounting industry, we are able to consult you on the best goals for your company on a month-by-month basis. This can especially help you to see how well your company is doing as compared to prior years or when up against competition.
    Helping you take advantage of financial initiatives
    A few years ago, a drive to get more small and medium businesses to utilize monthly management accounts received strong backing from Business Secretary Vince Cable, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the British Bankers Association. The goal was to close the gap between small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the financing/crediting industry by promoting more awareness, and thereby instilling more trust and understanding. It was hoped that this would facilitate making things easier for SMEs to access credit through creation of more immediately updated accounts.

    Expert Virtual FD is able to help your business take advantage of more programs like these that can enhance the growth of your company and at the very least – level the playing field among other companies within your industry. We keep a handle on it and alert you, as well as assisting you with the programs previously installed.
    Taking it month-by-month to see the bigger picture
    Living in the moment only goes so far when it comes to operating a business. Especially when your company reaches a size of substantial growth, including new employees, needing new equipment due to growth or expansion and undertaking a larger range of distribution, such as the case with many e-commerce start-ups.

    Although not unrecognised for its significance, monthly planning can be overlooked. Hiring Expert Virtual FD is not just a way to keep a handle on current monthly tallies, but a way to plan for new months as your business continues to grow. For example, as you see a pattern of explosive growth to your business, we can help you to forecast the rate by which you will need to make adjustments. This can help you plan ahead with greater foresight and preparation.



    Let us handle your bank relationship

    As part of our accounting and business services Expert Virtual FD specializes in bank management to help you lift the burden of time, accuracy and cost by making sure the correct financial information is always imparted to banks and other lending/financial institutions.

    Your banking business remains in the vault
    Our experience, professional approach, contacts and knowledge work for you as we represent your business and its financial interests with the utmost discretion. You can be confident that we will negotiate favourable terms for your company and not only build partnerships, but also build rapport with your financial institutions who can help your business.
    Bank on Expert Virtual FD
    Whether it’s a case of not knowing where to start or who to talk to, not having any kind of personal or familiar relationship with banking institutions, or simply finding bank activities too inconvenient or time-consuming, we can help, even if it’s nothing more than making recommendations or acting as a liaison and making the right introductions. Don’t trust just anyone to safeguard your assets and secure favourable conditions and rates among our array of banks and other institutions looking to network and provide financial services for small and medium size businesses.
    Helping you take advantage of financial initiatives
    Running a business is difficult enough, much less in these times of ever-changing and viable economic climates. Yet, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the new opportunities that exist in many different industries. From technology to medical, service professions and e-commerce, the world is literally at your fingertips. Having a trusted financial mentor can help you decide whether to take the next steps with your finances, including seeking credit, grants and other opportunities.

    We keep up-to-date on many programs available to you, as well as helping you to keep a handle on your monthly bank finances. This will ensure your business to be prepared for growth.
    Keeping you out of the red
    Bank management ensures your business viability and solidifies your objectives. By seeking counsel on your bank management, Expert Virtual FD steers you in the right direction. We do more than just manage your monthly banking; we use this as a tool to assist you in forecasting your cash flow.



    Stick to your budget or bust!

    Expert Virtual FD not only helps you stick to your budget, but also helps to make your budget work for you by allowing you to effectively position resources and allocate working capital to extend and ensure steady growth.

    Strengthen your organization through better budgeting
    Budgets, forecasts and long-range plans can serve a variety of functions, from reinforcing management’s control of operating costs to allocating resources and rationing capital in order to use it where them where they will be most effective.

    You can significantly strengthen your company by getting a handle on operating costs, profits and losses, and not overextending your means based on hasty decisions or improper planning. Budgeting is one of the underlying factors of an SME’s success and we can help you budget for upcoming economic impacts or address oversights early to help you ride the highs and lows of owning a business.
    Budgeting for your business individually
    We work side-by-side with our clients to create monthly, quarterly or annual budgets. We use the highest level of statistical information, details, numbers and supporting data within our methods. Additionally, our forecasting experience and resources allow for anticipated fluctuations that keep the budgets in alignment. This is all tailored to the needs of your organization, no matter whether you fall within a products or services sector.

    When your budget is in line and accurate, this plays a dramatic impact on a business’ overall profitability. It’s not just about sticking to a budget; very often the budget is the backbone of the financial stability of a business.
    Keeping a Finger on your Economic Pulse
    Effective budgets keep financial officers in touch and alert them to any significant losses, expenditures, and operating costs. They also can provide management with a template or benchmark for awarding bonuses, charging fees, and allocating capital expenditures.
    Trust us to deliver accuracy and efficiency
    Revenue shortfalls can be strangling to any business; therefore we take every detail into consideration. When it comes to budgeting your business, a conservative yet optimistic approach works best. We are adept at looking at budgets from every perspective and we’re sticklers for detail to make the most of your successful budgeting.



    Strategic cost reduction to drive successful outcomes

    More often than not, costs saving initiatives are implemented in a panic. At Expert Virtual FD we take an intelligent approach to cost savings; fully assessing the impact on long term sustainability and taking on board operating advantages of cost reductions.

    Using short term planning while securing the future
    Strategic cost reduction sets the stage for future performance of your business. Our approach is to take the stance of intelligent assessment by addressing current costs and seeking innovative methods of slashing them. Energy, for example is one big area of cost reduction that can make a great impact on the financial profitability of a company’s future. Staffing, resources, business infrastructure, meetings and travel, as well as other indicators may be other areas that we can evaluate.

    We use our expertise to address business challenges and take a tailored approach to find tangible solutions. Doing so can make your organization smarter in its ability to maximize full cost capabilities. Expert Virtual FD helps you to:
    Understanding your business inside and out
    Price/cost reduction involves gathering benchmark and cost metric information and applying it -- after sufficient analysis, research and data formulation -- to develop pricing and expenditure models providing the most accurate data to be used to gain a better understanding and appreciation for trends. That’s how best to provide the most accurate and telling price and cost models, which in turn helps us with a better understanding of the price trends to improve profitability for the nature of your industry individually, as well as understanding the economic climate.
    Addition by subtraction
    Cost reduction focuses on factors and initiatives that drive one of two outcomes: operating advantage -- where the aim is to simplify, rationalize and automate operational capability -- and structural advantage -- where the intent is to find the best business structure, portfolio, and assets in order to realize long-term growth and sustained efficiency. When the economy is uncertain or depressed, a business wants to keep costs low to preserve its optimum profit margin.

    We help you gain the advantage by cutting through the waste and sticking to the most effective methods of running your organization.
    Trust us to deliver accuracy and efficiency
    Simply put, businesses need to develop a short-term plan to address costs and without forgetting to determine the line-up for out-competing in the immediate term. Preparation can help you to outperform down the road.



    A Transparent Approach Makes the Path to Profitability Clear

    We know what to look for and where to find both near-and-long-term opportunities for your business to become more profitable and grow.

    Contact us for timely reporting of your accounting statements.

    Profitability, not just a buzzword
    Expert Virtual FD has the tools, knowledge, experience and expertise to help you increase your visibility on your balance sheet, and thereby improve your profitability. Our professionals understand the inherent value of this approach and are primed to work with your business to free up working capital and maximize profitability.
    Preparing Profit & Loss Balance Sheets
    The importance of preparing detailed profit and loss statement and balance sheet to determine the financial state of health of a business, show its financial strengths and to frame an accurate picture of its viability for external stakeholders and investors is a critical tool in decision making. By identifying accounts payable and receivable trends, providing visibility of your managerial.
    Your work-in-progress is an asset
    When it comes to accounting, work in progress is considered a current asset. WIP is usually valued higher than raw materials, but much lower than finished products. Because of its fluid and fluctuating nature, work in progress is deemed at worst to be partly finished. And at their best, most companies strive to keep the actual amount of work in progress as low as possible in order to reduce the risk of cash being unnecessarily tied up.

    Because your products have different stages of production the less amount of capital tied up in the production or manufacturing process, the better. That’s how work-in-progress reports can benefit your company, and Expert Virtual FD will monitor that WIP values are at optimal levels.
    Dedicated to delivering timely results
    We apply years of experience in all matters of accounting and financial services. Our commitment to deliver timely, polished and valuable WIP and P & L reports and Balance Sheets is resilient, whether you need us to do this for your company once a month, once a year or one time in general. We are here for as long as you need us to provide with high quality financial reporting throughout the UK.



    Ace the audits as we serve as your liaison

    At Expert Virtual FD we can liaise with your auditors and act as a point of contact for the overall audit process and managing audit queries effectively and efficiently.

    Get the total picture of your business. Allow us to be the conduit with your auditors. Contact us for audit liaison services.

    Years of expertise at your disposal
    We are competent liaising with your auditors on preparation of annual audits of financial statements, internal controls, attestation, and complex accounting and financial matters.
    Let the Negotiating Begin!
    As your point of contact with your auditors, you are rest assured that audit issues are handled swiftly and with accurate attention to detail. We will ensure that appropriate schedules are presented to your auditors and that the format of the file we present is fully compliant with their requirements.
    Get organized with proper planning for an audit
    A well planned audit avoids the risk of going in blind; in turn avoiding the risk of auditors forming an incorrect opinion on the financial statements. We will ensure that we will help your auditors complete the audit of your company in an effective and efficient manner.

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